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Luna Park in Marseillan

Presentation of Luna Park in Marseillan

The Luna Park is located in Marseillan plage, on 6-10 Rue de l'Eden, 34340 Marseillan. Located by the sea, the amusement park is a real eye-catcher.

Attractions guaranteeing thrills and adrenaline are offered, to the delight of children and adults as well. A childlike atmosphere reigns there, maintained by generations of fairgrounds. The park is quite large and offers various places to eat.

The decorations are magnificent, worthy of the larger Luna Park. It is often crowded as the park is one of the main attractions of the small resort, which is mostly made up of campsites. All possible attractions await you at Luna Park, whether you’re a Ferris wheel enthusiast or adrenaline rushing on the fast-paced roller coaster.

The atmosphere is quite family because of the seaside resort of Marseillan Plage, the ideal place for evenings with friends, because of the wide choice of attractions on offer. After a great day at the beach, the park is a great idea to end the evening in style. Note that the sunsets are magnificent from the top of the attractions.

Schedules and prices of the Luna Park of Marseillan Plage

In a festive atmosphere, the Luna Park of Marseillan-Plage welcomes tourists every summer, in June, July, August and September. Don't hesitate to go there, the prices are reasonable, the children (and the older ones) love it, so why go without? To spend wonderful summer evenings, you have to go to Luna Park!

Note that entry is free to Luna Park, only attractions are chargeable so you can choose what works best for you once there. So there is no fixed rate, the amount you pay will depend on the attractions you choose.