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The Great ConchA black beach on the Mediterranean

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Relaxing stay on the beach of the Great Conch

If you have come to the Hérault to enjoy the sun, the beaches and the pleasures of the water, it will enchant you. The cove of the Grande Conque is indeed one of the most beautiful sites of Cap d’Agde with its black sand beach caressed by the Mediterranean. From the top of the cliff, about twenty meters high, you will have beautiful views of the beach. To enjoy it, the cliff path is a pleasant route for a stroll. Enjoy this beach from your vacation rental (mobile home or pitch).

The history of the beach of the Conch

About 750,000 years ago, volcanic eruptions followed one another in the extreme south of the Auvergne volcanoes chain. They have shaped the cliffs of Cap d’Agde and the cove of the Grande Conque as we know them today. It is accessed by a small staircase. Visitors never tire of admiring the spectacle offered by the basalt rocks that seem to flow into the sea, with solidified lava flows and yellow and gray tuffs that are revealed by the waves. While going up on the cliff, you will be able to admire “le rocher des 2 Frères”, the black sand beach, the Richelieu pier and the Fort of Brescou. On the sunrise, the landscape is simply breathtaking.

The beach of the Grande Conque a place for sportsmen

This black glittery beach is not only suitable for lounging or contemplation. It is also a haven for swimmers and sportsmen. This beach near the Cap d’Agde campsite is one of the most beautiful fine sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coastline. It is ideal for swimming and water sports. This large sandy beach is particularly popular with holidaymakers for watching the sun set on the sand or from the sea front or the top of the bay. It is very pleasant to swim there, especially since the sun is almost always out. Tourists are numerous to frequent the place during the beautiful season. As for joggers and hikers, they like to make a detour and then continue their journey towards the Plagette and the Old Port. For a day of escape in the company of children, the volcanic conch is very suitable.

Photo by Olybrius