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The aquarium of Cap d'AgdeThe richness of the seabed at Cap d'Agde

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10 km south from the Robinson campsite, theMarine Aquarium of Cap d’Agde awaits all sea lovers and the most curious among you. This aquarium of natural sea water, permanently renewed, gathers in its basins the Mediterranean fauna but also the tropical fauna. It will allow you to meet marine animals from around the world. This is a must-do outing to do with the kids. This tropical aquarium, zoological park or oceanographic museum, is open every day and allows you to discover many species of fish, jellyfish and other aquatic animals bred in captivity. In this sea zoo, you will be able to attend the animal feeding made by a soigneur.

Animals to see in the Aquarium of Cap d'Agde

Open all year round, the Aquarium of Cap d’Agde will fascinate young and old with its life-size animals. You will have the privilege to see seahorses, morays, groupers, octopuses, but also turtles, corals and the giants of the sea that are sharks. The residents live in optimal conditions. The darkened room allows you to enjoy a beautiful view of the pools and to focus your attention on the incessant ballet of the animals, moving gracefully in these reconstructed aquatic worlds. If you want to see marine life up close in conditions similar to its natural environment, this visit is simply unmissable. We advise you to install your seat in front of the aquarium of your choice to discover the details of life in the ponds. In the large aquarium of the depths, you will also be able to observe a shark, and this, a few minutes from your camping in Cap d’Agde.

The activities of the Aquarium of Cap d'Agde

At the aquarium, you don’t just enjoy the wildlife. There are also water-based activities to try during your visit. The school and extracurricular activities are a delight for the little ones. Guided by a guide, children can learn more about marine biodiversity before discovering the aquariums, or discover the pleasures of fishing on foot at the beach of La Conque. Visiting the aquarium of Cap d’Agde is therefore an opportunity to share a real moment of pleasure with your family and to live a magical experience by diving into the underwater world. Attractions around the tropical underwater world, oceans and soft water working for the preservation of species.

Aquarium hours and fees of Cap d'Agde

The marine aquarium of Cap d’Agde is open all year round. The opening hours of the Aquarium vary according to the season:

  • From 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm from April to May
  • from 10 am to 7 pm June
  • 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. July-August
  • from 10 am to 7 pm in September
  • 14h00 to 18h00 from October to December and January to March.

The site is closed on Mondays from October to March.

The price of general admission is €7.80 for those over 13 years old and €5.90 for children from 5 to 12 years old (free for children under 5).
Reduced rates are available for groups of more than 10 people (6,80 €) and 40 people (5,80 €). The aquarium has been designed to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility, with free parking nearby.