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Tourism in Sète in the Upper Quarter

Sète is a city where life is good. The sea air that pervades the territory provides a real sense of well-being. The city is particularly appreciated for its authentic beauty. Indeed, thanks to the sea which penetrates it, Sète is sometimes nicknamed “The Venice of Languedoc”.

The upper part of Sète owes its nickname of “Little Naples” to the fishermen who, arriving from the Amalfi coast, imported the atmosphere of their southern Italy. It is the oldest district of the city and remains for all the district of the fishermen even if, with the liking of the years, workshops of artists came to settle in this part of the colorful city. More and more tourists come to enjoy its fishing port, which forms a large part of its downtown.

All along the canals, admire the architectural heritage of Sète, whose history dates back to the 19th century. While strolling through its streets, you will find signs indicating the presence of an emblematic site of the city, such as the Nau creek which is a real jewel of the city of Sete. It is also the closest beach to the city center, so don’t hesitate to stop there for a swim, the water is fresh. A little further on, discover the Théâtre de la Mer which was once the fort of Saint-Pierre. Many events take place in this open-air theater, especially during the vacation season. Enjoy unforgettable moments with your family or friends during your holiday at camping Sète.

Sète is home to exceptional places whose beauty remains unequalled. Sit on the edge of the Cadre Royal and enjoy the show with the main actors being ships sailing on the waves. In summer, this magnificent canal hosts various water jousting tournaments. You can take advantage of your vacations to try this emblematic game of the Languedoc.

If you want to discover new flavors, go to the Quai de la Marine lined with restaurants with various specialties. As for the activities to do, there are many choices: on the water, in the air, on land, or even underwater. In fact, you will find playgrounds for the whole family. On the sea side, you can start from the Robinson campsite in Marseillansurfing, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, and fishing. To mark your visit to Sète, the Venice of Languedoc, you can also go on a cruise to discover the beauty of its coastline. As for thrill seekers, they will fly over the city and its surroundings in a microlight for a pure adrenaline rush!