Camping Paradisport de peche de sete

Sète the fishing portSète, first fishing port in the Mediterranean

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Follow the Route des Quatre Chansons from the Robinson campsite in Marseillan to the fishing port of Sète. It is located on the Quai de la Consigne, 25 minutes from the establishment.

Discover the fishing port of Sète

First fishing port of the South of France, Sète has always been a city of fishermen. In order to feel the soul of the city, there is nothing better than the fish auction which takes place in the Old Port where the fishing boats unload the fish. Every day, about thirty trawlers put their catch on sale, more than a hundred different species of fish. The return of the fishermen is always an entertaining sight. The boats leave around 3 am and return at 4 pm. You will discover the work of the fishermen, from the unloading to the sale of fish at the fish market. You can even take a guided tour offered by the city’s tourist office. This will be an unusual activity to do with the family, atmosphere guaranteed! The harbour master’s office watches over the port and controls the various fishing, shipping and maritime traffic vessels that bring in tons of fish and goods every year. The port of Sète is one of the largest seaports in the South of France and even one of the most beautiful French ports. You can go to the port’s wharf at the right time to observe the handling, unloading and tonnage of fish containers.

Guided tour of the port

Thanks to a guided tour, you will be able to go around the port and discover the specific infrastructures other than the fish market such as the mooring docks or the careening area. Beyond the fish market, one can also appreciate the colorful facades that are reflected in the waters of the canal and the numerous seafood restaurants. The canal is crossed by bridges that allow you to easily explore the fishing port. The pastel-colored houses and the narrow streets give the place even more character. Don’t hesitate to visit the Haut quartier, the sandy beaches and the exceptional museums near the fishing port from our campsite in Sète.

Discover also the marina of Sète

Thanks to its marina which is located in the heart of the Mediterranean arc, Sète allows you to cruise towards the coast or the open sea, it is also the stopover for regular cruises in the Mediterranean. In fact, the sea penetrates the heart of the city, which gives it a Venetian style. No wonder it is called “Venice of Languedoc”. You will particularly like the authenticity that the port has preserved over the years. Although it is a fisherman’s town, Sète has nothing to envy to the other cities of Languedoc. It is one of the main freight, export and logistics ports in the Mediterranean basin.